Ceremony Chairs

Does your venue have great chairs? Are you hiring some? I really really loved these classy wooden ones when I played at this wedding a couple of years ago. Whatever seating you choose, don’t forget to put out an extra chair if you’d like me to play music in your ceremony – I’d look like a bit of a lemon standing up for the whole thing!

Cocktail Hour

I remember this wedding SO clearly! And you know why? Because they served honey mustard cocktail sausages during cocktail hour and they were SO GOOD!
Are you serving canapes after your ceremony? Maybe a signature cocktail, prosecco or pimms? If you’d like to wow your guests with music as well as refreshments, please get in touch!

Folk Music

I won’t lie, I’ve been a huge fan of folk music my whole life. My first ‘gig’ was a barn dance at the age of 6 (three weeks into my violin-playing journey). So giving my couples the option of rustic folk fiddle at their weddings was an obvious choice! It’s not for everyone, but sometimes couples are also folk fans, sometimes they have Scottish or Irish heritage they’d like to honour, and sometimes their rustic barn location really lends itself to this style of music! Maybe you’re a fan of Poldark, Outlander, or every adaptation of a Jane Austen classic you can get your hands on? I can play as much or as little traditional music as you want. Oh, and I also play in several wedding ceilidh bands!

Clevedon Hall

Clevedon Hall is such a classy venue with so many space options, both inside and out. I’ve played here a few times now, and I just love the moment the bride makes her entrance, walking down the staircase into the ceremony. (And I love a bit of bunting too…)
Are you considering getting married in a big grand house like this? Get in touch if you’d like to include live music in your plans!

Cogges Manor Farm

It’s not every day that I can see pigs and goats from my ‘desk’! This wedding ceremony took place in a rustic stone barn with fairy lights for days, then during the drinks reception we headed outside and I enjoyed playing music for guests and animals alike!
A rustic location doesn’t have to mean rustic music – if you want me to play your favourite pop songs while your family and friends enjoy your hospitality, get in touch!

A Blessing At Stourhead

Can you imagine getting married in a place with this beautiful view? When I first visited Stourhead in 2015 and climbed up to the Temple Of Apollo I remember commenting “WOW this would be an amazing place to get married!”. The views are amazing, especially on a sunny autumnal day when the trees are turning golden. So I was delighted to be asked to perform at a small blessing in the Temple a few weeks later. The acoustics were amazing!

A Humanist Wedding Ceremony

I loved playing at this wedding – it stands out in my memory for several reasons. It was my first experience of a humanist wedding ceremony and contained some absolutely lovely touches – the guests warming the rings, the officiant telling the couple’s story – and it was all so personal! I played unaccompanied traditional folk tunes as the guests arrived and as they enjoyed drinks with a spectacular view – it was perfect for the rustic barn location.