Folk Fiddle

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Here are a few more folk fiddle demos to give you an idea of the range of tunes I usually play. If there’s a particular song or tune that you’d like me to include, or a region you’d like me to focus on (e.g. if you’ll have Irish family in attendance), please let me know.

Dinkey’s (trad. Irish reel)

The Eagle’s Whistle (trad. Manx march)

Seanamhach Tubestation (Irish jig by John Carty)

Siege Of Ennis (trad. Irish polka)

Margaret’s Waltz (trad. Scottish waltz)

The Roman Wall (trad. Northumbrian jig)

Munster Bank (trad. Irish polka)

Seven Stars (trad. English jig)

She Moves Through The Fair (trad. Irish air)

~ Bristol Violinist ~