You can now book Alison to play for ceilidh dancing at weddings and other celebrations, in a fiddle-based duo called Arrow and Bow. She works regularly with a number of professional guitarists and pianists, so with their rhythmic energy and Alison’s lively fiddle playing you won’t be able to resist heading onto the dancefloor! We’ll also provide an experienced caller to teach the dances.


What is a ceilidh? Ceilidh dancing is an energetic traditional dance style, usually danced with a partner in sets of about 8 people. There’s no fancy footwork, just lots of galloping, skipping, and spinning your partner around. And there’s always lots of smiles and laughter!

Each dance usually takes about ten minutes, and involves learning a short sequence of dance figures (such as ‘circle left!’ or ‘gallop!’) which is then repeated several times with music. Our ‘caller’ will spend a few minutes walking you through the dance, then the music starts and you dance it at full speed (with a little more help from the caller to keep you in time!)

What’s the lineup? Alison Rowley on fiddle, a guitarist or chord pianist depending on availability and location, and a caller to explain the dances to your guests. The guitarist/pianist isn’t fixed because pro musicians often work on a variety of projects so our availability doesn’t always line up. We can do more gigs if we’re flexible!

How much does it cost? Prices start at £580, depending on your location and the timings of your event. This includes two musicians, one caller, and our PA system (with lights). We’re based in Bristol.

What are your timings? We’d normally expect to play for up to two hours with a break in the middle. We need about 45 minutes to set up and soundcheck beforehand, and 30 minutes to pack away afterwards.

Can you do a disco too? Yes! If you have a device with a headphone jack, we can plug your playlist into our PA to play background music during our breaks or disco music after the ceilidh. Let us know when you enquire and we’ll include these in your quote.

Piano duo with Matt Norman (piano) & Andy McLeod (caller)
Guitar duo with Conrad Brimacombe (guitar) & Jon Dyer (caller)