Why Have A Ceilidh?

I just LOVE a good ceilidh (‘kay-lee’) – I think they are absolutely the best way to get people on the dance floor, laughing their heads off!

Ceilidhs provide the chance to blow off steam after the formalities earlier in the day. The ‘caller’ explains the moves and walks everyone through the whole dance, nice and slowly, then when they think the dancers have enough of an idea of what to do, the music starts and the energy in the room goes through the roof. There’s no experience required to join in with ceilidh dancing – and when things do go a bit sideways it’s just more fun!

I play in several ceilidh bands across the South of England, including Bristol Ceilidh Quartet (pictured here but instagram made me cut out our cellist!). Get in touch if you’d like more info!